Donations  and Giving.


We need your help


Financial giving is the lifeline of the Parish for without it we cannot function and would be unable to provide and administer both spiritually and pastorally to the community.


The Parish of Jika Jika provides a number of community outreach programs and if we are to continue and expand these programs we need to do a great deal of maintenance and building works at both centres.


In the case of St. George’s Reservoir as well as general maintenance both the church and hall area are in urgent need of a new roof. The roof has completely rusted out and leaks badly after rain rendering the whole area as unusable. Because of this and we are unable to provide and expand the programs that we would like to.


At All Saints Preston major building works are required to reconfigure the hall area and build a new kitchen to cater for and expand our community outreach programs. Our Community Canteen alone is currently catering for approximately 70 people every Saturday at lunchtime whereby we are cooking and preparing a free meal to those in need. Our current kitchen and facilities are completely inadequate to cater for this number of people as well as meeting health standards.


These two items alone are expected to cost in excess of $300,000.


If you would like to contribute financially to the parish to assist with its’ ministry both spiritually and pastorally you can do so in a number of ways:


If you wish to transfer funds electronically from your bank account of arrange a direct debit to your account then please use the undermentioned account number.


The Anglican Parish of Jika Jika with The National Australia Bank


BSB 083-202 Account No.  75 285 0956


Any funds received will normally be placed in our general revenue.


If you wish that the funds be used for a specific purpose, please advise us accordingly. 


Thank you for assisting us in our mission.


For a Review of our Current Giving and Expenses - Please click here.